Pupil Premium

The Department of Education introduced the pupil premium in April 2011. The pupil premium is additional funding provided to enhance the education of the most socio-economically deprived (namely those students entitled to free school meals and looked after children).

The amount of pupil premium allocated to St. Mary Redcliffe and Temple School during the 2014-2015 financial year is £180,755.

The pupil premium will be spent in an integrated way to ensure that entitled students receive the opportunity for additional support, use of facilities and extracurricular opportunities. Our aim is to improve attainment and achievement for this group of students. The funding will therefore be used to support a number of strategies and interventions to improve outcomes for students for instance:


• Support for students to participate in a week of school activities
• Breakfast club provision
• Small group tuition in English and Maths
• Support to enable students to participate in Music tuition
• Homework Club/coursework catch ups (Mon-Thurs)
• Specific homework club for Year 7 (2 lunchtimes per week)
• Numeracy and Literacy Boosters for Years 7, 8 and 9
• Year 11 “Revise It!” support with revision
• Year 9 and 10 Heroes Programme with U.W.E.
• Year 9 Cabot Project with Bristol University.
• Year 9 “Skill! Bristol” workshops
• Year 11 staff mentoring and support with 6th Form Applications
• Year 11 staff coaches for individual students.
• Lunchtime support for vulnerable students
• Work with external agencies (e.g. on circle time/self-esteem/identity)
• Parent/Carer workshops/programmes
• Attendance Officer
• Individual Learning Mentors for vulnerable students
• A dedicated Learning Mentor for children in care and adopted students (new for 2014-15*)
• A Learning Mentor with a specific focus on achievement (new for 2014-15*)
• Counselling service
• Summer School programme for Year 6 students identified as vulnerable on transition
• 12 group sessions on literacy and exam communication skills for C/D borderline students in Year 10 and 11
• Increased support on transition to Post 16 courses.


The amount of pupil premium allocated to St. Mary Redcliffe and Temple School during the 2013-2014 financial year was £170,200. The pupil premium was spent on the strategies and interventions above with the exception of those listed as new (*) where we have made increased provision for 2014-15.

The impact in educational attainment arising from expenditure of the previous financial year’s pupil premium will be provided here once we have the information in January 2015.


The impact in educational attainment from the 2012-13 financial year’s pupil premium was demonstrated with improvements in reading, writing and attendance. In the 2013 GCSE examinations results for this cohort of students in comparison with national results for Pupil Premium students were very good as seen below:-

• Capped points average for GCSEs: 286.4 compared to 214.4 nationally
• 70% of pupil premium students made the expected level of progress in English compared to 56% in the same group nationally
• 61% of pupil premium students made the expected level of progress in Maths compared to 54% in the same group nationally


We are immensely proud of the enthusiasm with which our students engage with these opportunities. For example, at a previous “Skill! Bristol” workshop, our Year 9 students, competed against Year 10 and 11 students from other Bristol schools and managed to finish as runners-up. Similarly, it has been great to drop in on the Cabot project and listen to our students reading 17th century texts aloud to groups of undergraduate students. When we have surveyed those same undergraduates, 100% of them felt the course had helped our students to develop their literacy skills while all of our students felt they had developed their reading, writing and listening skills. Our nationally recognised work on revision has meant that the Year 11 Pupil Premium students are extremely well prepared for their forthcoming GCSE exams, while our intensive support for these students as they apply to our Sixth Form and elsewhere has led to the majority of these students making successful applications to continue their education with us into Year 12 and 13.


We will continue to support students using many of the strategies and interventions mentioned above as well as seeking additional support measures for a wider group of students.



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