Music Tuition

Your child may already have started to play a musical instrument, or may wish to start. This school has a strong musical tradition and we encourage such activities through the provision of tuition by specialist teachers, who come into school on a regular basis.


We have to make a charge for providing such tuition, but every attempt is made to keep it to the necessary minimum, and the service provided by our teachers represents excellent value for money. Tuition is available in the following instruments:

- Upper Strings Violin and Viola
- Lower Strings Cello and Double Bass
- Brass Trumpet, Cornet, Horn, Euphonium, Trombone and Tuba
- Woodwind Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon and Saxophone
- Percussion Drum kit
- Guitar Classical and Electric
- Singing
- Piano

Students are taught in class time or at lunchtime and will need to excuse themselves from normal lessons. We ask that missed work is caught up (including homework) at a later time. Each lesson lasts approximately 25 minutes and we try to operate a rota system to avoid missing the same lesson each week. Priority is given to GCSE and A Level students.

Instruments – The school has a limited stock of instruments and cases, which may be borrowed if available. Upon receipt of the instrument parents/carers are required to sign a form acknowledging receipt and accepting responsibility for the instrument’s safekeeping. We do not charge a hire fee, but do ask that parents/carers pay to have the instrument serviced before their child returns the instrument to us. The school does not have insurance for the replacement/repair of these instruments, so we do ask that parents/carers take responsibility for this by adding the instrument to their household insurance all risks policy. Students will be asked to make a contribution towards the cost of the sheet music they use as well as reeds and strings etc. After gaining confidence in the instrument many students choose to purchase their own instrument and we can guide you on arrangements for purchase from music shops in Bristol. When instruments are brought into school we ask that they are placed in the music department's lockable store when not in use.


Further details regarding music tuition are available from Mrs E Bealey, Administrative Assistant to the Music Department.

Music Examinations

We encourage students to enter the Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music and Trinity/Guildhall examinations, where grade 1 is the initial standard and grade 8 the highest. Details on proposed entry will be given to Parents/carers when a child reaches the appropriate standard.



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