Learning Support

The members of staff in the Learning Support Faculty believe that each student has special gifts and talents and is unique in the eyes of God.

The aims of the Learning Support Faculty

indent1 Provide 1:1, small group and in-class support for identified students, as necessary

indent1 To identify and assess individual students' needs as early as possible

indent1 To match the curriculum to the needs of individual students

indent1 To work with teaching staff to ensure all students experience a broad, balanced, relevant and appropriately differentiated curriculum

indent1 To ensure appropriate and relevant information and support is available in order to address the evolving needs of all students

indent1 To work closely with parents and carers in identifying appropriate provision for students with Learning Support needs

indent1 To integrate those students with learning support needs as fully as possible within the framework of the school

indent1 To encourage and work with students in the development of independent learning, literacy and numeracy skills, self-confidence and self-esteem as they work towards achieving their full potential

The Learning Support Co-ordinators, or SENCos, are responsible for coordinating the provision for students with learning support needs. Students with learning support needs are initially identified through close liaison with the primary schools. Students' needs are also identified through the initial assessment procedures and by teacher referral. The school is also very keen to listen to parents' concerns and work in partnership with parents and carers.

Students identified as having learning support needs are fully integrated within the school by use of additional resources, including staffing and facilities. All teachers are responsible for meeting the needs of all students with learning support needs (as indicated by the revised Code of Practice). Teachers also contribute to the development of learning targets for these students through the setting up, monitoring and review of Individual Education Plans for students at School Action Plus and with Statements.

Support for students extends to applying for exam access arrangements and providing advice and information for teaching staff concerning the needs of students. The SENCo will liaise with Tutors, Heads of Year and the Assistant Head Teacher (Inclusion) as well as outside agencies for the benefit of students identified as having learning support needs.




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