Key Contacts

School Leadership Team



Mrs E Gilpin

Deputy Head (Behaviour for Learning)

Mr S Shaw

Deputy Head (Learning and Achievement)

Mr G Diles

Assistant Head (Community)

Mr S Stevens

Assistant Head (Inclusion)

Mr A Thomas-White

Assistant Head (Sixth Form)

Mr R Wheeler

Assistant Head (Achievement Interventions)

Mr I Taylor

Assistant Head (Teaching School)

Mr S Clayson

School Business Manager

Mr I Morris


Heads of House


Canynges House

Dr D Wilson

Cartwright House

Mrs M Morris

Colston House

Mr J Mansell

Francombe House

Mr D Williams

James House (Current Year 7)

Mrs R King

James House (2017-18 Year 7 intake onwards)

Mr J Pike


Sixth Form


Head of 6th Form

Mr R Wheeler

Head of Year 12

Mrs S Williams

Head of Year 13

Mr R Shaw

Learning Support  


Ms H Scott-Mullen

Deputy SENCo Ms K Meredith

School Counsellor

Mrs L Tredget

Learning Mentors

Miss M Head


Miss A Burke


Mrs S Windsor


Mrs J Giles

Attendance Officer

Mrs T Lukins

School Nurse

Mrs K Dennery

Clerk to the Governors

Mrs S Josham

School Chaplain

Mr J Mitchell





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