As a Voluntary Aided School our Governors are responsible for the creation and administration of the School's policy on admissions and for the maintenance and upkeep of the School's buildings, in addition to those matters set out by the 1986 and 1988 Education acts, e.g. curriculum, charging policy for educational activities, budget, access to information, employment of staff, standards of discipline, and sex education policy.

School policies can be accessed via the school website.  All queries should be referred to the Clerk to the Governors, Mrs S Josham, by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone on 0117 377 2133.

Governors' Management System
The Full Governing Body meets four times a year.  The majority of the Governors' work is done through committees as shown below, which meet either three or four times each year.  Disciplinary panels are convened as necessary.

Governors Management System

The Coordinating Committee comprises the Chair of Governors, chairs of each of the Governors’ committees (including the independent Foundation committee), the Headteacher and Deputy Heads together with other School Leadership Team (SLT) members whose presence may be required.  This Committee coordinates the work of the other committees and the Full Governing Body.

Members of the Governing Body

Foundation Governors*        
Rev D Tyndall   Appointed 20.5.13   Ex Officio
Mrs K Brown *   to 13.11.14   DBE
Mr M Walker *   to 21.07.15   DBE
Mrs A Vickers   to 31.08.15   DBE
Mr P Farr   to 29.07.16   PCC
Dr R Pendlebury   to 10.12.16   Temple Trustee
Mrs L Alba   to 27.01.17   DBE
Mr M Bentley *    to 03.11.17   DBE
Mrs R James *   to 13.07.18   PCC
Mrs Claire Alsop *   to 31.08.18   PCC
Vacant       DBE
Staff Governors        
Mrs E Gilpin    Appointed 01.09.05   Ex Officio
Ms L Bullock   to 31.08.15    
Mrs J E Thackeray   to 17.12.17    
Parent Governors        
Mr R Hart   to 13.05.17    
Mr A Burton   to 18.11.18    
Mrs R Sellers   to 18.11.18    
Local Authority Governors        
Mr D Alder   to 19.05.15    
Mrs F Wilson   to 31.10.17    
Clerk to the Governors        
Mrs S Josham        

* Also parents/carers of current students.

At least four Foundation governors must be eligible for election as parents (one appointed by the PCC and three appointed by the Diocesan Board of Education).




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